Earmor M33 - EN352 Black

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Earmor M33 - EN352 Black
2 ratings
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EARMOR M33 - EN352 is an electronic passive noise-cancelling commucation headset for special
missions. It is capable of enhancing subtle environmental sounds and tracking human voices to high- fidelity optimize. It can reduce dangerous noises above 82dB to a safe level, such as explosions and gunshots, not only protecting hearing but also improving clarity of communication and increasing awareness of the surrounding environment. It utilizes digital circuitry to reduce ambient noise and offers four levels of adjustable volume, corresponding to different usage needs. The binaural microphone enhance environmental sound. The battery cover is designed to prevent accidental drops, and it features anti-drop cord, showcasing Earmor's commitment to perfect user experience. Equipped with a 6 pin NATO interface and a U174 adapter cable, it can be connected to professional communication devices.
It also comes with a dynamic microphone for better communication without interference. With 5.1 Bluetooth, it can be connected to mobile phones and other devices for communication or audio playback, allowing for seamless switching between professional scenarios and entertainment. Foldable headband design module enables easy storage and portability.

Hear the detail

The M33 - EN352 features a brand-new omnidirectional microphone, high- fidelity speakers, and advanced digital signal processor, enhancing the overall sound quality. You can gain clear audio and improved situational awareness in noisy environments.

Clear, natural

M33 - EN352 utilizes advanced technology, providing a more natural sounding experience with enhanced sound and voice clarity. Designed for use in complex acoustical environments, it is ideal for combat and combat support operations.

Hear and be heard

The binaural microphone possesses enhanced sound source localization capability. It is equipped with silicone ear cushion, which can improve noise reduction transmission in high- noise and windy environments. It is waterproof and dustproof, providing meticulous protection for your hearing.

Our Advantages

Passive noise reduction tactical earmuffs provide hearing protection for combat personnel by reducing the level of harmful noise that reaches the ear. This type of hearing protection is important for soldiers who are exposed to high levels of noise
in combat and training environments. By wearing passive noise reduction tactical earmuffs, soldiers can help prevent noise- induced hearing loss and maintain their auditory situational awareness.
EARMOR M33 - EN352 for today’s modern warfighter have been designed for use in combat and combat support operations, specifically for use with firearms and ballistic combat helmets.

Environmental listening

Specializing in advanced hearing equipment with a focus on environmental listening for military personnel, our state-of-the-art products feature a proprietary digital audio circuit that enhances situational awareness. Our “talk-through” technology allows safe audio sounds to bypass individual hearing protection while still protecting against harmful noises. A microphone receives outside sounds and transmits them to a speaker inside the headset, where the level-dependent digital audio circuit senses noise levels and compresses or amplifies them to safe and audible levels. Sound detection, identification, localization, and speech communications are all important components of auditory situational awareness, impacting Warfighter efficiency and safety.
Sound detection.
Sound identifcation.
Sound localization.
Speech communications.
All important components of auditory situational awareness, impacting Warfghter efciency and safety.

Hybird connection

Wireless connection Or Removable Cables Hybird communications in critical operations
M33 - EN352 Headset provide both wireless connection for the mobile device and Removable Cables for 2 way radios.It fit the requirement for the user with command and communication.

Multi Mission EQ (MME)

The M33 - EN352 Headset offers a new way to adjust the auditory settings for your mission. Unlike traditional headsets with a set frequency response and volume control, the MME function provides advanced ambient listening modes with access to a variety of gain settings and frequency shaping to enhance auditory performance in five conditions. The MME Profiles are designed with a variety of combat and combat support operations in mind.

Benefits for the user

We are committed to putting user experience at the forefront, ensuring that tactical personnel or professionals can easily and conveniently operate the M33 product.

Optimized design

Fit for wear
• Gel cushions for a comfortable feeling
• Foam cushions for a higher NRR rating Modular design
• Fast change from headband to helmet adapter without any tools • Fits different helmets or neckbands for the mask

Product Feature

1. NRR23
2. Automatic voice reduction to safe levels when exceeds 82dB
3. 4 adjustable sound effect levels for enhanced auditory experience
4. Powered by two 1.5V AAA batteries with a standby time of up to 50 hours
5. Power-saving design with automatic power-off after 2 hours of inactivity(not before)
6. Equipped with U-174 military standard connector (NATO standard) compatible with
NATO standard PTT
7. Comfortable silicone ear cushion that eliminate sound leakage, allowing for long-
term wearing, and effectively prevent sweating, suitable for users in different climates

8. Foldable and portable design for easy storage

9. Complies with CE / RoHS / ANSI S3.19-1974 / EN352-1:2020 / EN352-4:2020 /
EN352-6:2020 / EN352-8:2020 / FCC

Know your protection

To be effective, a hearing protector should be used 100% of the time in noisy environments. Even taking it off for a short time dramatically reduces its effectiveness and greatly increases the risk of hearing damage.

Data and specifications

BT chip: QCC3024
BT distance: ≥10m
BT frequency:2.4GHz-2.485GHz ISM Band
Protocols: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP

Battery type:
Battery: AAA

Speaker size: Φ30mm
impedance: 32Ω

Talk time(1kHz, 50% volume): ≥50H
Pickup time (maximum gear): ≥90H
Bluetooth (100% volume) + pickup (maximum gear): ≥50H

Voltage: 2.5-3.3

Operating temp::-40°C~65°C
Storage temp: -50°C~70°C

Net weight with accessories: 320±10
Net weight with microphone and with accessories: 335±10
PTT connection cable weight: 30±5

OPSMEN company declares that the product meets the following standards:
SNR: 29dB
EN 352-1: 2020
EN 352-4: 2020
EN 352-6: 2020
EN 352-8: 2020

NRR: 23dB
ANSI S3.19-1974
EARMOR M33 attenuation data, according to the specifications of the American National Standards Institute ANSI S3.19-1974

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